Tracking says that package is scheduled to be delivered today but I haven't received it yet. Where is it?

If your tracking information states that your package is scheduled to be delivered today, keep in mind that some carriers deliver packages as late as 8 PM local time. If after 8 PM you still haven't received your package, please contact us, or contact the carrier directly to inquire about the status of the delivery.

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    Why do you insist on using the postal DIS-service to handle the final delivery of your packages.  Both UPS and Fedex are capable of reading an address but the post office is not.  The tracking for my order #132669212 says it was delivered and left at the front door but it was not.  I have cameras that record 24/7 and the mailman never delivered a package.  

      This is the second time Tipsy Elves "SurePost" has failed to deliver a package. Why can't you let a reliable shipper deliver your package instead of the post office.  I have ordered several times from Tipsy Elves but since you insist on entrusting your packages to a sub-standard delivery service like the post office it will probably be my last. 

      While your site says contact the post office with a delivery problem before contacting you, I am contacting you first.  Tipsy Elves is the one that created the problem by using "SurePost.  When I had a problem with a package delivered by Amazon Prime and showed the Amazon the video of the mailman throwing my package on the porch, they said that all my future orders would be delivered by UPS or Fedex and they have been.  


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