What size jumpsuit do I wear?

The sizing for our jumpsuits is unisex. Even though our website features men's and women's jumpsuit listings, they are in fact the EXACT same size (mind blown.) For example, a men's medium is the exact same size as a women's medium, and so on.

We typically recommend sizing based on your height.

  •       4'11 - 5'3  X-Small
  •       5'3 - 5'6  Small
  •       5'6 - 5'10  Medium
  •       5'10 - 6'1  Large    
  •       6'1 - 6'4  X-Large
  •       6'4 - 6'7  XXL       

If you still have questions regarding jumpsuit sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!  You can view a full size chart here.

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