What do I need to know when placing an international order?

We ship to countries all over the world! To see if we ship your country, simply head to checkout and enter your shipping address. A list of shipping options will populate, along with prices for each. If you receive a response of 'no quotes available', we sadly are not able to ship to your destination. 

A few things to keep in mind when placing an international order:

1) Currency is tendered to in USD. This means that your local currency will be converted, so please keep in mind that that total provided at checkout is in USD and does not reflect any currency conversion

2) You will be responsible for any applicable custom and duty fees upon the order entering the destination country; Tipsy Elves does not pay for international custom or duty fees.

3) If you need to return or exchange, you will be responsible for all shipping to and from our warehouse to complete the exchange, including secondary custom and duty fees associated with the second package (in case of exchange)

4) If you are completing a return, the funds are again released in the value that you paid in USD. This means that if the exchange rate has shifted, as it typically does day to day, you may receive more or less back than what you originally paid. Tipsy Elves does not compensate for any difference in currency exchange and only guarantees the full value of the item as it was tendered in USD.

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